Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chro: Oct 29 2007

I don't feel no physical pain. Which is why I do inane things. When I was four or five I chopped of the top bit of the crown of my left thumb. It was really funny, watching the way blood oozed out, wondering all the while why everyone was screaming.
I could fight and win any battle (well, almost - once or twice guys had knocked me senseless.) mainly because I couldn't feel pain. Once a guy broke my left arm and with that crooked arm I pummelled the fellow. I threw my hand at him. The bone that stuck out from my broken arm apparently got into one of his vitals. I don't remember which one, becuase I had hit him in a couple. I think he was in a morgue for a long time, because there were no takers.

Btw, quack came and left, without even making eye contact. I brazenly checked out her veins again.

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