Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chro: Nov 2 2007

Nov 2 2007
Doc, you know something, for years I peddled the same lines to girls that I met.

And that would be?
Here, read it. I have scribbled it again for you.

I love you like rain, like the sunshine, like a moon in her prime, like the last wind that blows before you close the doors.
I love you like venom, like everything that's taboo.
I love you like the mountains, like the snow that it brings, and the thankful blanket that protects me from all that is cold
I love you like desert, like the dry sand that flows, to the ocean of thirst on a lonely traveler's mouth
I love you like life and death
And if one of us passes away sooner, I would die if it were you. If it was me I would want you to cry - once, when no one sees. where no one can see.
And when the years pass,
In heaven or hell, wherever it is, I'll seek and find you.

I love you like age loves youth, like tomorrow would crave yesterday
I love you like nicotine, like tar, and all the carcines that cause cancer
I love you like no other, for there never was one, and you were -after all- a distant feather

Interesting. And what came of it?

Nothing. Someone told me it's the last two lines had a profound impact on girls.

I think so too, I think you should stop at the first para.

I will. Would you read it your wife tonight? It will be fun.

Doc didn't respond. He just picked up his scopes and left.

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