Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chro: Oct 27 2007

There was a time, when I was a kid, when I even made made my teacher cry. But forget it. Today I was more pacifist. I seemed to be at ease with myself. I looked at a wilting flower at the window and imagined it to be her. I was happy. She was there. Right next to me in my room.

Doc: Why're you so happy today?
Me: "You mean gay?"
D: No I mean happy?
M: That's what I meant too. In my times gay meant happy. Actually I'm always happy. The only times that I'm not is when I'm sad. That's how you tell a happy man from a sad man. The sad man is always sad. The happy man is happy except when he's sad.Know what I mean?
D: Yeah, kind off. Where did you pick up that trash dialogue from?
M: From a guy called Philip. We used to call him Phil. He had a girlfriend-name was Sophy or something. Whenever he went on a date, we used to say philo-fucking-sophy. hahaha.

Doc smiled and left. He must be thinkin I'm sane.

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