Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chro: Jan 7, 2009

Doctor* did not come in today. Was bored. I ended up writing some stuff that will change history, as we knew it, for ever.

This story happened about 1980 years ago. Our man was so stressed to the core, that stress had become a new normal for him. Times of peace and calm gave him allergies, rashes, and the occasional ulcers. Things were not always that way. The transition happened after he came back to his high ground after spending quite a bit of time in the wilderness. Stung by what he saw, he started spreading some good word among people - words of affection, goodwill, hard work, and the occasional paranoia. He had just one weakness: wine, which he liked to drink and serve. Even with a full time job, that would have been a problem, but thankfully he knew the fine art of converting water to wine (and from there, to something saline).

In the end, his efforts and words looked like they would take off, but there was a complication. The high priests were not pleased with all of this. They spoke to his disciples, (12 of his favorites) and one of them (let's call him Judas) blinked when promised 36 coins of gold, one for each year of our man's life, in a symbolic sense. In inflation-adjusted terms, that might have made Judas the richest man on earth today, but thankfully, men don't live that long, nor their evil.

Our man knew that betrayal was on its way when the hen crowed (unusual for a hen, don't you think?) multiple times. Pontius Pilate, the prefect who worked during the times of Emperor Tiberius, got involved and delivered a potential verdict, thanks to the damning statements of Judas. But Tiberius himself knew of the work done by our man and he overturned the verdict. And thus, unfortunately, for students of theology, a great religion was never born, because our man was never crucified.

As for Judas, the coins were never delivered to him because the contract (in an implicit sense) required an outcome. The cross meant for our man was burned, much to the chagrin of the high priests, who were at least hoping to salvage some firewood. The alleged thieves who were supposed to be crucified with him were let go. Wilson, who was sharpening his best nails for the crucifixion, had to shut shop. As for our man, he went back to work on other things, some closer to  his heart, some his karma.

*I checked with doc, and he certified that no religious sensitivities were hurt in the making of this blog.