Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

What a sad salesman taught me.

There was this sad salesman. The type who would walk around the streets selling stuff like TV covers, carpets, and the like. He was very successful. I asked him once how he managed it all. This was his mantra. "It's simple. Walk into any house - if the lady of the house shouts at you to not come in while you open the gate (know that the distance between the gate and the house is a bit long in our place), just walk right in".

And I asked why would someone do that. They already told you not to enter.

His response was classic -"Those are people with a heart. They do not want you to walk all the way to realize there's no sale to be made. Walk right into them, and you have a definite sale."

I kind of believed him, because he was successful. Cheap though.

My point is different. One of my friends told me recently that he watches all this myth movies like LOTR, and sees battlefields and blood and gore. He said that if he was there at that point, he would stand behind everyone and walk away, when no one was looking. And I looked at him and said "hmmm. no never gonna do that."

What I was thinking about this person at that point was the same thing that salesman taught me "Dude, I know you'd fight. You're just scared that you would get involved and fight till the end. You're scared because you're true."