Saturday, July 2, 2011


There are some moments in life that are truly aha. I was driving down with my family to Kannur, and we stopped by a restaurant to have lunch, like people normally do. The whole ordeal lasted 70 minutes. 20 minutes to take the order, 40 minutes to deliver, & 10 minutes to eat. The restaurant was full of people, but there was just one guy going around taking the order and going around serving them. By the time it took him to come out after reporting the order in the kitchen, I guess he was dong the cooking too. I got so frustrated after 20-30 minutes, but then I remembered "sunk cost", which means shit that has already gone done the drain that you need not account for, and I kept quiet. There were patrons shouting, as we were walking out, because the menu was not shown to them yet after 15 minutes.

Now, this good looking restaurant is the first of its kind in a long driving stretch, so people would naturally stop to eat.I spoke to the counter manager while walking out. Please click on the image to see the gist.

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