Friday, May 6, 2011


How far can one month be?
If it's a critical assignment due on June 8th, it is right there.
If it's something that you would rather do, it's an eternity.

Fresh air is in the air.
No traffic blocks when you wake up somewhat late in the morning.
Walk as long and far as your legs and your lungs take you.
Carry your own gear. And while you do that,
think about the fellow who filled air in your car tires and wonder.
Why was the last tire to be filled -always- the one next to the driver. Economics?

Forget what you have to.
Alzheimer was a man. Not a syndrome.
Forgive even what you don't have to.

I'm luvin it -
no connections -
except -
relativity -
and the need to do and know more. Explore!

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