Monday, May 2, 2011

More from Khartoum

I dislike Sudan because it is so unlike India. That society is corrupt to the core. Let me recount a voting experience of my Sudanese friend.

He, along with three of his friends, once drove down to some dusty town next to Khartoum to vote in a regional election. Each of them were paid 60 pounds each (something like INR 1,000) to vote for the ruling party. They were also given a food packet each - just in case they were hungry after the long drive, and 180 ml of rum - just in case they had to wash the food down. So my lucky friend and his friends voted, booked a room at a star hotel and enjoyed a quiet (He said it was quiet, and I trust him.) evening before driving back early next day.

That much to purchase a vote? No wonder the elected ones become corrupt. They have to earn a decent ROI, correct?

That's why I like India. Our elections are free, fair, and focused. The intuitive Indian voter, armed with the principles of democracy, carefully analyzes the issues at hand, and decides on the right choice of leaders to guide our society into the future. We HAVE to protect that tradition.

When Anna Hazare said that booze and money buys votes, that was a slap on the average Indian voter. Thankfully the major political parties displayed the much needed righteous indignation. People’s Democracy (PD), the mouthpiece of the CPM in India, said: Hazare’s utter disdain for the voter and contempt for parliamentary democracy is indeed disturbing. True. What I find even more disturbing is that Hazare said Indians vote under the influence of Rs 100 or a bottle of liquor. Even if it were true, that places us way below the going rate of what happens in some African countries - and that's just not done.

A visionary leader also slammed Hazare's depoliticization moves by making a mockery of politics. That was just so cool!!! I really liked the way he slammed the depoliticisation moves by making a mockery of politics. He and his kind should slam more often for the benefit of a society that may go astray with all this wikileaks inspired madness. Yes - India needs honest politicians like we have at present to show you your place Hazare - lest the world think we are some corrupt African country like Sudan.

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