Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why I support the NDA, among other things.

 Well, it's called something...I forget.

SlapGate: Will somebody please stop slapping A Kejriwal? AK alleged that BJP is behind these. Cmon, get serious, Sir. Imagine the meeting at the Sangh headquarters at Nagpur. After much brainstorming and pulling-the-carpet-from-underneath-whoever, Mohan Bhagawat, Narendra Modi, Sushma Swaraj, and LK finally zeroes in on a killer strategy to seal Mission 272+: sent an auto driver to slap Kejriwal. It is as ridiculous as suggesting that AAP guys planned the slap for creating fake news. 

And then, AK goes and meets the slapper at his home. And all was awww good, the slapper was so teary eyed, we were told. But, did Arvind come back and say that he was wrong in blaming BJP?

A few days ago, on FB, one of my friends posted the news of the slap, with a single question “Why”. The answer is simple. Not too many people asked why, when Jarnail Singh threw a shoe at Chidambaram, right?  That’s why. Jarnail is now a LS candidate for AAP, btw (apart from being an ex-AAP MLA in Delhi).  

NaMoPhobia: This was a great rallying point for some people. After dumping the insipid Congress, there was very little to turn to for most of us. Enter, Homo AAPiens, da broom wielders! And some of us grabbed the chance, and what’s more, we could find an idealist zing for our ideological posturing. 

The "sceptre" of a Modi regime had already sent a decent chunk of India’s net-savvy Christian, Muslim, and Hindu youth voters (in that order.....from my limited FB sample size, don’t pillory me for this, I can only comment on what I see.) under the AAP umbrella (after the leaky experiences under the Congress rule). 

"Modi will be really bad for Christians, won't he?".... an-otherwise-rational friend asked me once, quite recently. And I was like, whaaat? Like, the same whaaat I was asked by another friend - as to how I possibly could have been an ABVP activist.

Disillusionment: Another friend told me that all politicians are goondas (except the one she was voting for). I understand the politicians are rogues, sentiment, but then I asked her about the candidates in her constituency. She did not have much of a clue. Actually, the Congress fellow in her constituency was a fair enough chap - but the brainwashing was such that we were willling to brush everyone with the same broom.

Revolution: A lot of ex-communists (ex-commies, because they ain’t practising Das Kapital, but are busy earning a livelihood in the Middle East) are fascinated by this promise of a new dawn. For most of them, AAP is as close as it would get to an Indian revolution. They are up in arms (clicking likes), supporting AAP in the ample spare-time left after work, discussing Maduro, Raul, Achu, and Yechu. (You go shove us...say that fast)

Ask the real revolutionaries in Kerala who once cut the head of a man who had ordered a breast to be cut off for not succumbing, and they will tell you, what revolution and putting-the-fear-of-God-in-the-minds-of-the-corrupt-and-the-feudal is.   

Well, the commmies have any way requested support for AAP where they do not have their candidates.

Lokpal: This is one is for AAP fanboys. Why did the AAP quit the Delhi government? That ain’t hard like why did the chicken cross the road. Lokpal, silly! Fair enough, what are they doing about it now? Nada. And btw, dijju fellows know that there was another bill or two passed after the Lokpal shit was rejected? And, one of those bills passed (after my AAPpal shit was rejected) was to pay about 370 crores to power companies who were placed under CAG audit by my AK-in-law.

2002: This one’s deadly. You touch this, and you are a sinner. This is actually a bit of a problem. Coz, the moment you say you support Narendra Modi, you become some sort of a villain (your otherwise well meaning friends would like to distance themselves from you, if you know what I mean). 

Why?  All I can say is this....back in 2002, did Modi say that when a big train burns, a lot of bogies will get charred? Well, Rahul's dad did say something to that effect, in 1984. And, stuff be told, Rajiv Gandhi is one of our most secular leaders.

Well, have any of you been to Muzaffarnagar? I have. Kids die in secular palaces too, I'm told by secular parties. And the requests for the truth behind the killings are cloaked in secrecy.

Dynasty: Apparently, Indira had said that the nation will forget her when Priyanka rules India. Wonder why she did not think the same about Rahul. For once, I’m tempted to praise Indira’s judgment, especially since she had made this call when Raga was in UP school.  

Wait a minute, Priyanka is also in play, even though it is to malign another Gandhi! A Gandhi for a Gandhi will lead to some serious shortage.
"Loser from Varanasi seat, Modi will not be made PM by anyone," he repeated.

Read more at:

"Loser from Varanasi seat, Modi will not be made PM by anyone," he repeated.

Read more at:

The Hand: PC was someone who read the sign on the wall some time ago, before he said he is not contesting. He was taking a hotel elevator to step into a conference when Nandan Nilekani asked him if the elevator was going down. PC jokingly said something to the effect of "step in, we are all going down." The obituary of UPA was written by their stalwarts a long time ago. 

NB: I need five years of good governance, and definitely not a Medha Patkar type rag-tag regime. I support the NDA, and if it means, NaMo, so be it. I would like to see what he brings to the table. I need leadership for my country, not rabble rousing or Jupiter's escape velocity. 
NOTA: On a parting note, Bhrashtaachar koi aachar nahin hain, ki jab chaahein koi aake chak lein! My Hindi sucks, but I hope my spirit does not.

I'm not Anna....but I hope you get the drift. You better get it. This nation danced to this tune, a few moons ago. Ab kya hua? Anna bhool gaye kya?

It's called the Confederacy of Dunces. Let's not dance like that.

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