Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chro: Jan 1, 2009

I laughed, I drank, and I smoked,
And embraced everyone who cared to walk with me,
Save the ones that were slithery.
I felt at home even with the rats that ran around,
Rats gave me the pain they had squirreled away for good,
In return for the food that i (in lower case, italics) served on the ground.
But then I had turned another page, for another story,
To blame me.

I did good, and those, in God's sweet time (i.e., the time that the almighty has left after updating his/her FB status and heeding to my friend/help requests) came in handy
All that I did bad, even in good intent, they haunt me
just till the hour of the reading of this line, no more
Such is the nature of the world, and its mediocrity

Whether it's a rant or not,
On average, I have to blame me.
As I turn another page.

Boom! The sound of the church bells that drove the doves away were but fleeting
Like my footprints embedded by the waves on the sand while I kept walking
The doves they returned when the bells stood still
Those feet of mine, they never did, they were on to a hill
Nor did the waves, they had turned another tide,
Till they drowned all alongside, in a deluge
While I turned another page, for another story.

Like the time (and then, there was this time, when I) I did not sleep for a few days,
But, when I did -one goddamn day in 365.x- for an hour, or as luck would have it, 3,600 seconds,
I had a dream that felt like eternity,
And when I woke up, I felt good,
In my dream, I fell, and I hit rock bottom, the nadir,
there was elastic, from the bubble gums I never chewed.
And I bounced back, to turn another page, and live another day,
For a brand new story. And this one's for glory.
I call it Version 2.0, watch out, or be sorry!

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