Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2013 Resolution. We WILL NOT!

Well, the world did not come to an end in 2012, as predicted by those who stole the rest of the Mayan calendar. Now let's wait for the next doomsday. I promise, I'll stop all my vices on that fateful day.

This is my wishlist for 2013:
Bikers will stop overtaking from the left.
Women (stereotype, and autorickshaw guys) will drive well.
We will stop acting dumb by NOT using them smartphones all the time.
Syria will be settled.
The Hobbit parts 2 & 3 will be released soon.
The day of men will dawn.
Not another Aruna Shaunbaug, and not another Delhi gang-rape victim.
And you bloody media wants to put a name on her face? Excuse me, TOI editor, I would rather put a smile on your face a la Joker.
She was not Nirbhaya, nor Damini, nor Amanat. (Nirbhaya = One without fear) She was scared and screaming, she could have been my sister living in Delhi or my wife in BLR. She was not Nirbhaya, she may or may not have been a Braveheart, but the fact is we did nothing to protect her. As for the media, she was a woman who had a real name not meant for your TRP ratings; and she is no more alive - for that, I should thank you, a higher power, if you exist, for ending her pain quickly. She wanted to live, but that's a different story. The least that a spineless society like ours can do is to not belittle her anguish (or wipe our collective shame away) by making her a hero. She was a victim, nothing more, nothing less. And for all those jerks who are posting "her" pictures on Facebook and adding your "likes" and comments - Fuck you! you're perpetrating a crime.

I can live with the fact that finally people are realizing the grotesque nature of the crime and are feeling outraged - but I'm not feeling great about the way the media is pumping up this outrage. That said, read about Bhanwari Devi and feel outraged that the district sessions court judge said that she could not have been raped by upper caste men (sic), because she was a Dalit. That was circa 1992 or 95. Twenty years later, things are still the same. I'm not nihilistic, I think it's good that people are realizing that we have a sick judicial and investigative system, but it's like the Anna effect. What about the lakhs who waved flags and painted the tricolor on their faces? Did they get the Jan Lokpal bill passed? What are they doing now? Sitting at home and getting all worked up about it?

This outrage will fizzle away and the time will come for the next "movement". You think the Indian parliament will lift her colonial skirt up and let you candle-bearers rape it? NO. Our democratic system is so strong that when push comes to shove, our leaders will put Tiananmen square battle-tanks look like toddler toys. Don't believe me? Just look at what our President's son said. He would make a Muthalik or Taliban sound ultra-modern. Or what our home minister said.

And, if I'm allowed, may I ask a simple question?
What if this heinous crime happened in Mizoram or Arunachal Pradesh?
Would all of us be so outraged or the media feed that outrage?
Dingleberry of a society, I'm sick of you.

And I hope men in India take this resolution for 2013. Instead of a "we will" resolution, a "WE WILL NOT" resolution.

"We will not touch a girl without her permission. No morality bullshit. She would wear denims, or whatever she pleases because that's her choice and a basic human right. Men out there, WE WILL NOT."

In 2013, may a better world dawn!


  1. Thank you for this! I feel more hopeful reading this and knowing others will too.