Monday, July 30, 2012

Tamasha - India's favorite genre

El Nino, Lost crops, La Nina, IMD,
We didn't start the fire  
No we didn't light it  
But didn't try to fight it

Now, I'm a big fan of the Billy Joel song, but I had to edit the last line (and the first one). India (and Indians, by default) could well be headed for it's worst  year in the last decade. No matter what our meteorological department says, we haven't seen rains this year, at least in the south. August rains are predicted to be pretty strong, but the precipitation lost in the last two months could be costly. Though it may have sounded like one, this is not a weather update, and this could have major implications on our lifestyles in the coming months.

Sugar hovers at around Rs. 33-35 a kilogram. How about sugar at Rs. 60 or 70? The whole of India (especially the North) would go into a tizzy. The present Sheila Dixit dispensation in Delhi got the first real taste of success after the onion price rise in the run up to the elections that brought down the incumbent BJP government. How about aaloo at Rs. 50 per kilo? And how about Rs. 60 for a kg of rice? If you thought the Food Corporation of India and their rotting warehouses would save us from a stratospheric price rise in food grains (like the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and their salt domes filled with oil in the US), you could be in for a rude shock.

If this interests you (at all, at alll), tune in to the Indian Option.

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