Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chro: Jan 10, 2008

Hey doc, wanna talk about something?

D: Like what? [Looks at me and smiles.]

Well, that's a welcome change - a smile. You're kind of warming up to me these days.

D: Really? If you think so, may be it is because you're starting to make some sense. My kid is a taking a better interest in grammar, after I showed him your write-up.

Hmm. I hate flattery.

D: Oh, that's news. But I'm not flattering you. My kid really liked it.

No. I'm not talking about a kid's fascination. I'm talking about types of flattery that are unwarranted.

D: Why so? It's always a good thing to hear something nice, once in a while at least.

Couple of years back, I used to get it sometimes. But some of them always made me uneasy. You know I could tell between real appreciation and the spurious kind?

D: Nooo. How can you tell?

Well, it's like this. The real appreciation is dropped in to a conversation - it may have been planned - but you're enamored by it. Mostly, there is a hint of hesitance and apology attached to it. The subversive one is shot like an arrow - it sticks out like a sore thumb - one that is pushed against your neck making it difficult for you to breathe.

D: Well, that's hard to tell.

Well, I could always tell. At least, before I came here.

D: What??? Ok, thanks for not flattering me about my treatment.

C'mon, I haven't lost that skill completely. I believed you about the grammar bit, because you brought the kid into the picture - and also because you have nothing to gain from me.

D: What has gain anything to do with it?

It has everything. I learned it the hard way. I tell you what - next time you totally flinch at something flattering - to the extend that you honestly think you do not deserve the praise, remember the sound of a knife that's being sharpened. It's getting ready for you.

D: Well, I'm honestly tempted to dismiss your thoughts as being whimsical or flimsy, but I would resist the temptation to do so, considering the fact that I respect, for whatever it is worth, your thought process, from which sometimes good ideas originate. So...

Ha - some rehearsed self-restraint spee[cut short]ch

D: That said, with each and every passing second and comment, you are pushing the higher levels of my tolerance, so much so that the idea of doing an irrevocable and irreparable damage to my sense of self-restraint sounds ever more appealing. So relax. [Walks away]

[Mutters] Why do I always break bubbles?

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