Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review - The Adventures of Tintin

They made a movie called The Adventures of Tintin.We watched it. We occasionally laughed. At times, we were entertained by some special effects.

Like some people cribbed in early reviews, changing the characteristics of the characters was a bit uncharitable (Haddock kicking the bottle - not done!). But then again, it's better than killing Saruman in Isengard.

The experience was more comic bookish than movie-ish. Every frame, every good shot, sort of felt like it was made in isolation. The connecting thread was supposed to be the storyline. That kind of failed.

While reading those books years ago, I instinctively knew that there were connections - the story was unfolding with every square/rectangular box of letters and paint. But that was Hergé.

Now, I agree that movie reproductions cannot outclass classics. But, with Spielberg at the helm, there was hope. [Note the past tense, your honor.]

When I walked out, I felt like I was coming out of a cinema hall that our teachers used to take us when we were in school. Hey, wait - may be it is a movie for kids. I forgot to ask Kaira's opinion.

Anyway, going by a colleague's opinion, may be the movie is also good for people who have not followed Tin Tin keenly. May be. For puritans, go fetch some of them old books and read them again this Sunday.

Verdict: A "clean" movie. That's about it.

PS: If you forget to get popcorns during the interval, feel free to do so in the second half when Captain Haddock and the villain start fighting after manning two cranes. Tell me again, what was all that about?
And what happened to the eagle? (Waiting for guest appearance in part 2?)
And to that waterflow that was supposed to wreck havoc after Haddock used a bazooka on the dam?
And don't get me started about Tin Tin's tuft.
And I hate those goggles. They give me a headache.
And, unless you have closed the browser, why do I still feel like I have watched a sad version of the Pirates of the Caribbean?


  1. what bazooka? where in tintin comics do we have a bazooka?

  2. @Mahesh, Bazooka not in Tin Tin comics - in the movie. Oh, I get you your point.

  3. Reading this took me back to the good old schools days where we used to exchange Hardy boys ,Tin Tin and Archies comics ..Leo..Vinod ..

    Oh when I look back now
    That summer seemed to last forever
    And if I had the choice
    Yeah, I'd always want to be there
    Those were the best days of my life

  4. True Ansil! And yes, Leo and Vinod had a lot to do with good books and comics.