Thursday, September 9, 2010

foxes alone may pass

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Now, one or two who check this blog occasionally have told me personally about the typos and grammar issues in this blog. And I tell them that I just type out stuff and don't check it later for errors (thus denying them the thrill of what would otherwise be a valid case of gotcha) . Well, I can afford it, coz it's just a blog. It ain't no newspaper. Actually this blog stands somewhere in the long continuum between a news paper and the other paper that people use for less benign purposes. But newspapers and organizations should know better. Here's why. Look at this one for instance:

"Is golf is giving up on Tiger Woods?" Now that's a sad title even for Tiger. If you agree with me on that, here's something less intensive. It's just a typo. But a typo in a title? Hmm!

Anti naional? Whatever. Now for mother lode. The Hindu. Stop dropping your jaws. The Hindu won't give you typos. What it gave was this:
"Sensex surge on better growth concerns" Better growth concerns? How can a stock market surge on better growth concerns? Hindu - may be this was your first faux pas in 122 years.

Move on to the Harvard Business Review. This ain't a typo or a grammo. I was trying to get a subscription and was looking at payment options and here's what I found:

Now if the only option is a credit card, why should we have a drop down menu for payment options. May be that will be the next HBR case study.

Unrelated, but this peculiar thought sets me thinking tingly (a.k.a un thoughte a la peculiare a mon souffle:). Should we call the process for a grammar check, a grammogram?

This one to sign off. Rediff getting paranoid about Shashi Tharoor:

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